SPARDHAINCRED FOUNDATION (SF) is an independent non-governmental and non-profit Organization who work towards encouraging Sports, Art, and Technological activities among school students support children & youth from underprivileged families. The purpose is to apprise and inspire the school students. Following the motto “No child should be left behind” SPARDHAINCRED FOUNDATION (SF) believe that each child should get a chance to prove ourselves. Specially child from economically as well as socially low background.

We've funded 230,00 child care charity programes
for 10M children around the world

Children are the future And we strive to nourish them

Art, performance and technological activities that engage, challenges, aspire and inspire the school students with rewards of financial freedom from academic fees & study material
The word SPARDHA means competition and SPARDHAINCRED FOUNDATION (SF) organizes competitions, seminars, and training programs among school students to promote cultural activity and increase their understanding of their areas of interest.

Transforming to 2 million Schools, impacting 10 million children and awarding 1 million scholarships in the next 2 years ,to enhance self- belief and gratitude of the children and all the stakeholders.

Happy childrens
No illetrate children
100% child education
Health facility for all

In terms of helping a child
We are always ready

We offer a full line of charity to solve the problems that exist in our world. We are working really hard for the causes we support.

We've worked with so many
amazing partners in our charity journey

We offer a full line of charity to solve the problems exist in the world. We works so hard on the causes we are supporting.
We want all of you in the mission. We offer a full line of charity to solve the