The primary aim of the Bhagvad Gita Course is to make life glorious by following the ‘Gita-way’ accessible to anyone who yearns for it. It provides holistic and insightful coverage of the entire text in a lucid and simple style. It provides inputs for continuous improvement, and in the modern context, it becomes a practical manual to live a transformed life of goodness and greatness. This Bhagvad Gita Course is indeed the proverbial ‘philosopher’s stone’ transforming our lives from being ‘reactive’ to become ‘effective’.

This Course aims to harmoniously blend the subject matter of the Bhagvad Gita, with the subjective disciplines of spirituality. Thus, besides a thematic and textual study, it encourages contemplation. The two go hand in hand. Together, both will enable us to understand, internalize, and actually live by abiding to the teachings of the Bhagvad Gita. It will effectively enable us , in the most endearing way, to actualize our immense potential and to tap into our innate strengths. The true reward for the diligent study is the transformation of the student’s life from some sort of an obligation to an exuberant celebration.

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